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Lions '100 Club' Lottery

Current (Monthly) Prize Money:

1st Prize:  £20

2nd Prize: £10

*The Lions monthly lottery has been set up as a lottery and licenced by Southend on Sea Council.

How it works

Sign up to our monthly Lottery draw

If you sign up to our monthly lottery, you will help us raise money for our causes as well as being able to win cash prizes. 

Cost of Lottery entry is £12 per year. (Sign up below)

Choose a number...

Chose a number once signing up. Numbers are drawn monthly at our club meeting and are selected at random.

If your number comes up, you win the prize money

There is cash prizes for 1st number and second number drawn. Winners are notified by our club treasurer and prize money is paid out. 

Sign up to Lions '100 Club' Lottery

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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